Special General Meeting Results Nov. 10 2018


Hello Glenners,


Thank you to all the members who voted in-person today and by absentee ballot.


Special General Meeting Results


Are you in favor of adding Comcast Xfinity Internet service to the existing Comcast Bulk Purchase Agreement?


Yes:  460 votes


No:  157 votes


Final Election Report


Number of Members Eligible to Vote:  1,189


Number of Members Required for a Quorum:  119


Number of Absentee Ballots Received:  509


Number of Members Registered in Person:  136


Total Number of Absentee Ballots and Registrations:  645


Total Number of Spoiled Ballots:  28


Thank you to Election Chair Rick Allan, Election Supervisor Kathy Isaak, and all the election volunteers!


Thank you,


Aaron Hostetler

General Manager



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