Comcast Roll-out Update

Hello Glenners!


Please see the updated information from Comcast below.  A courtesy phone has been installed at Fireside Lodge (w/ Comcast instructions) for members to call Comcast.


Members who signed up on June 22 but were not seen:


“We have held the names of those that came down last week but were unable to be seen. They will be the priority appointments and we will verify with the resident when they come down.

We will locate them on the list and they will be seen first.”


Members who received equipment on June 22 but can’t connect:

  • Call the bulk COE at 1 855 307 4896
  • Put in zip code of the glen 98244
  • State New Customer
  • It will ask if you are activating new equipment, state no you are getting new service,  (This is the work around otherwise it will want to send you a message) and with no cell reception, there is no way to receive the texts.
  • Once you reach an agent you can state “I’m Part of the the glen at maple falls, address is 7159 Mount Baker Highway, Deming WA 98244”
  • The resident provides their Division and Lot such as I’m in Division 8 lot 141  (or if they have their account number provided when they picked up their equipment – that is the fastest)
  • The resident then lets the agent know,  (I HAVE HOOKED UP MY MODEM NOW I NEED TO SET MY USER NAME AND PASSWORD)   The resident should be prepared to write this down, they can select their own user name/password)

When they return to their unit they can now access the user name and password (including searching for it on their phone)

Members who received equipment on June 22 & are current Comcast customers but can’t connect:

Activating your Equipment Online – 

Use if you have your User Name and Password for Comcast  (this is also your Comcast Email username and password like:


If you are activating your internet, television, or home phone services, connect your WiFi enabled device to your home network by following the below steps:

Select your WiFi settings on your device

Locate and connect to your WiFi Network

Name (SSID) located on the side or bottom of your modem

Use the Password located under the WiFi Network Name

Navigate your smartphone or tablet or laptop Online to


You will be asked to use your cell phone number or user name and password to login to activate


NOTE:  Do not select mobile phone number – as this will not work, as our system will not text Canadian numbers and cell service is limited at the Glen.  Instead, enter your user name and password and follow the prompts to activate.


Information From Comcast

Glen at Maple Falls Residents,

Comcast is pleased to be bringing Xfinity High Speed Internet access to the “Glen at Maple Falls” as a part of your association amenities. You will continue to receive your Digital Starter TV but now will have 60 Mbps internet service included. Starting on June 22nd residents without Xfinity internet service will be eligible to activate your 60 Mbps residential community internet account. Current Xfinity internet customers will be migrated over to the new bulk account beginning July 1st. The Xfinity team will be coming to the Glen for two bulk activation events on Saturday June 22nd from 10am-4pm, and Saturday June 29th during the “Glen Days” from 12pm-5pm.   “June 29th activation times will begin immediately following the Glen Days parade, from the Riverside Lodge.  Please meet the Comcast team and obtain your new equipment during one of the scheduled events which will be held at Riverside Lodge.  Upon Internet activation you will now be eligible for the Award Winning Xfinity X1 platform including voice controlled remote.  X1 requires both video and internet subscription which will now be provided to each resident at the Glen as part of the community bulk account.

A few pieces of information to help with the activation and transition.

  • July 1st is the date for the bulk billing to begin- current customers will remain as is, and will not require a new internet modem- Customers using “owned modems” who wish to receive the Comcast XB3 modem at no cost may do so after June 22nd.
  • Q – I pay for Comcast Internet today, when does my billing change and I become part of the bulk billing?A- July 1st your billing codes will be captured in the bulk billing and you will no longer see bills for internet speeds up to 60 Megs, if you elect higher speeds you will be billed individually for higher speed tiers up to 1Gig.  
  • Q– I’m not a current internet customer, when can I sign up for my internet account?  A- June 22nd is the first internet activation event at the Glen; June 29th is the second and final internet activation event at the Glen.  Or you can visit the Bellingham retail store any time after June 22nd and pick up your Self Install Kit.
  • Q– Is there a charge to activate my internet service?  A– If you attend one of the events June 22nd or June 29th there is no charge, if you come by the Bellingham Xfinity Store after the 22nd through July 1st you will be given a Self-Install Kit at no charge.   If you opt to have a technician come out to your residential unit outside of the events you will incur the standard install fee.
  • Q– I have 1 regular cable box do I now qualify for the X1 service and how do I get the equipment?  A–  Each resident qualifies up to 2 digital TV boxes per residential unit, and 1 High Speed Internet Modem.  If you would like the X1 box, please bring your current digital box or boxes to one of the events or to the Xfinity store to exchange your Xfintiy TV equipment
  • Q- If I pick up my equipment during the event and attempt to hook it up and have difficulties will someone at Comcast be able to assist. A-there will be several Comcast technicians on site during the event to help trouble shoot and if need be assist you in your residential unit after you have made an attempt to complete the self-install of your Internet Modem or Television equipment at no cost to you during either events on June 22nd and June 29th. 
  • What is the address of the Xfinity Store in Bellingham if I chose to come in directly for my equipment exchange after June 22nd? A­­­— 1145 East Sunset Drive, Bellingham, WA, 98226



Thank you,


Aaron Hostetler

General Manager

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