Music in the Meadow



July 3, 2022

Riverside Meadow



The CCC is proud to bring you another concert by donation. We are excited to bring you The Walrus from Bellingham. They play to crowds of all ages so come on down and be entertained rain or shine. In our efforts to bring you the best of entertainment, the CCC would appreciate a nominal donation of $5 per adult to help support this event and is payable on line to your Glen account, see link below, or you can pay at the event. Food purchased in cash at the truck or charged to your Glen account at the CCC tent.


Back East BBQ back by popular demand offering pulled pork, smoked brisket, country fried chicken with salads, fries and Mac & Cheese.


Kurly’s Kart’s yummy fries are also back offering Organic Potatoes fried in rice oil. 2 sizes available Poutine (beef gravy, cheese curds green onion).


Ice cold water, pop and ice cream bars will also be available for sale @ $1.


Have a great afternoon connecting with your community.




Many thanks from the Community Connections Committee.




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