The Goodtimers All-Events Volunteer Sign-Up

THE GOODTIMERS NEED YOUR HELP. When we volunteered to become the new Goodtimers, it was with the vision and hope that the structure of the Board would shift. Through overwhelming feedback on the Glen facebook page about this topic back in the Spring, it was clear that A LOT of people wanted to help out WHEN THEY COULD. The idea of being able to sign up for ONE event a year and help a small group of people plan and implement that one event was very appealing to many, including the six of us who stepped up to become the Goodtimers. After rapidly pulling off a successful Glen Days and then Bingo last week, it is now time to put this idea into action.
Each event will have one Goodtimer leading it, with volunteers working alongside them. It would be our hope that this small committee would continue as that event planning committee in the years moving forward as well. In this way, we can all contribute a little bit, while still getting to just enjoy our slice of paradise here for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, without this new structure and without your help, we can’t run all of the events that we’ve planned for. We are very optimistic, however, that the new structure of event sub-committees can and will work!
Check out the list of events at the sign-up link, and the dates that they are planned for to ensure you are available, and then sign your name and lot number. And we THANK YOU in advance for your contribution to our incredible community!!
I will also have a paper sign-up sheet at the main office in upcoming weeks for those who prefer that.

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