2018/19 Board Of Directors and Committee Info

Glen Board members, Executive and Committee members  2018/2019

President – Doug Fitzpatrick                   doug696@dklj.net

Vice President – Erik Borglund                 ericborglund@telus.net

Treasurer – Ken Bauder                             kbauder.attheglen@gmail.com

Secretary – Rick Allan                               rixpix527@gmail.com

Marty Litster                                               mlitster1@gmail.com

Derek Norman                                            derekattheglen@telus.net

Dianne Lust                                                  dlusthome@shaw.ca

Brent Davis                                                  brent4167@yahoo.com

Terry Tebb                                                   t.tebb@shaw.ca

Committee Chairs, members, times, all meetings are on the 4th Saturday of each month:

Administrative Committee > meets @ 9 am in office boardroom

Chair > Erik Borglund

Dianne Lust

Terry Tebb

Gary Brueher

Jen Allan


Maintenance and Construction Committee > meets @ 9 am in Family Centre

Chair > Brent Davis

Rick Allan

Marty Litster

Ron Tymkiw

Lynn Kinghorn


Community Connections Committee meets @ 11 am at Fireside

Chair > Dianne Lust

Karen Fitzpatrick

Barb Mulholland

Phyllis Scott


ACB Committee meets at 10:30 am in Family Centre

Chair > Marty Litster

Rick Allan

Need 2 more members


Comm/Tech Committee meets @ 1 pm in Family Centre

Chair > Derek Norman

Marty Litster

Ron Tanguay

Need 1 more member


Finance committee meets @ 230 every 4th Friday of the month in office boardroom

Chair > Ken Bauder

Terry Tebb

Erik Borglund

Chris Pimentel


Hearing Board Chair – Terry Tebb (need 1 more member)

We would like to encourage you to submit your name if you are interested in volunteering to serve on a committee.  It’s a good way to see how work is done at The Glen and helps prepare you should you consider submitting your name for a director’s position in the future. While some committee chairs have completed the selection of their committee members, there is still an opportunity for some more property member appointments.  Please contact the Committee Chair to submit your name. To find out more about each committee and its objectives, please click on the link and see Appendix A, Terms of Reference, starting on Pg 33 of the GCA Bylaws: http://theglenatmf.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Bylaws-Manual-Master.pdf

Members are welcome to attend committee meetings and ask questions or make comments during the Open Session near the start of the meeting. Committee meetings will then be closed and members will be asked to leave.

Rick Allan,  BOD Secretary

May 2018

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