2019 Annual General Meeting Results

Hello Glenners,

Thank you to all the members who voted in-person today and by absentee ballot.
A tremendous thanks again to my amazing Election Supervisor, Kathy Isaak and the incredible election volunteers, meal volunteers and our staff for all the great help this year!  It takes a team to run a successful AGM!

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Allan, Election Chair

Here are your election results…
Final Election Report

All proposed resolutions were passed, as well as the 2019/2020 Budget.
Number of Association Members Eligible to Vote:  1190

Association Members required for a quorum:  119
Absentee Ballots received:  121
Association Members registered in person for the meeting:  81
Was a quorum established:  Yes
Spoiled ballots:  15

Thank you to Election Chair Rick Allan for all your hard work to make the meeting happen, especially on your birthday!  Oops, did I say that out loud?


Thank you,
Aaron Hostetler
General Manager


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